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   Decorative Reinforcing Ceramic Aggregates

    Introducing Freestone Millworks ceramic aggregates for use in:

      I. Exposed Aggregate Concrete 

-spread dry onto wet cast concrete, embed (trowel/tamp/roll/float), partially or fully cure and reveal (wash/brush/sand blast/buff/grind)

II. Stamped Concrete (now with aggregates) 

-spread dry with color hardener onto cast/poured concrete, embed (trowel/tamp/roll/float), stamp or imprint with textured rubber molds, partially or fully  cure and reveal (wash/brush/sand blast/buff/grind)

III. Mortar with Premixed Aggregates

-mix aggregates into a thin set mortar that is troweled or sprayed onto

concrete surfaces either during concrete casting or after additional cure;   after further cure of mortar, reveal (wash/brush/sand blast/buff/grind)

Note: Above techniques may also be combined with staining, slurry/paste coating, etc. to achieve desired finishes/colors/patterns/textures/gloss.



-Visually appealing, customizable and high performance

-Adds strength/ color/ texture to any concrete project

-Low cost/ high durability/ wear and chemical resistance

-Simple, low cost application/ finishing methods

-Uses standard, common equipment for mixing and casting

-Can be applied to both horizontal & vertical surfaces

-Duplicates properties and appearance of granite

-Can also simulate marble/ slate/ stone/ brick

-Available in over 8 colors and 3, 6 & 12 mm sizes (1/8-1/2 in)

Available for immediate shipment in two sizes:

-10 lb (4.5 kg), 1 gal cans 

-50 lb (22.5 kg), 5 gal cans

Note: Quantity discounts are available at 100 and 400 lb

           (Call for larger quantity discounts and availability)

See page links for decorative concrete and aggregate material ordering details. 

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