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Decorative Ceramic Reinforcing Aggregates

Freestone Millworks aggregates are functional additives that give beauty, value & performance when incorporated into your cement or concrete project in either of two ways (click below):

Used as an integral, pre-mixed reinforcement that strengthens the base cement material, articles can be made with improved durability and 

appealing patterns/finishes.

Features and Benefits

+Patented  Material Technology

+Appealing Aesthetics/Finishes

+High Strength/Durability

+Wear & Stain Resistant

+Varied, Flexible Product Designs

Used as a dispersed top layer or surface coating (added during or after casting), unique decorative effects & textures, superior to typical exposed aggregate, are easily achieved

Classic Colors/Styles

Click video icon to see:

How to Apply Freestone Millworks

Decorative Ceramic Aggregates onto

New or Old Concrete and Polymer Surfaces

Or see our video on YouTube at:  

Unique Patterns
Custom Finishes
Create the perfect living space...with the 'perfect' material. 
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