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Freestone Millworks, LLC™ (FSMW) manufactures items from a unique patented material that offers unprecedented features and benefits.  FSMW material properties derive from the use of common, low cost but high quality raw materials.  These materials include products from natural sources with natural variations.  The finished products will therefore have variations and imperfections typical of natural stone or rock.  These variations are normal and do not constitute "defects". 


However, in the event a product has defects related to the use of substandard manufacturing practices or materials or to the inclusion of unacceptable foreign bodies or contaminants, FSMW will repair or replace the item.  At FSMW's sole option the cost of the item may be refunded up to the original cost of the item (i.e., the actual purchase cost, excluding any labor, cost for disassembly and replacement, shipping, peripheral repairs or other expenses beyond the original value of the Freestone Millworks, LLC product itself). This replacement policy does not include issues due to typical, normal variations (color, texture, patterns, etc.) of the natural and man-made materials used in manufacture nor due to variations from the handcrafting process typical to stone, ceramic, woodworking and similar industries.


All sales are final and non-refundable. However, you can be reassured FSMW will strive to gain your trust and earn your confidence. Therefore, if any particular item is deemed aesthetically unsuitable by the customer or does not meet other various customer preferences, the item may be exchanged at FSMW's sole discretion for the same or a similar item (as mutually agreed), provided customer pays all shipping charges for the exchange and provided item is returned within 30 days in an undamaged, unused condition.




Freestone Millworks, LLC™ (FSMW) products are both stocked and made to order. If available from inventory the items will typically be shipped within a week.  However, stocked items may also still require final finishing, including the customer's choice of gloss levels, sealants, design options, etc.  If items are only partially finished, shipment will likely take 1-3 weeks, depending on the degree of customization required.  If a product is not available from inventory or if a special customized version is required, shipment will more typically require 3-4 weeks. In certain cases where totally new product designs, tooling/fixturing, material selections, etc. are requested, delivery may take longer, but a firm shipment date will be provided with the quotation.




Freestone Millworks, LLC™ (FSMW) items are packed and ship to ensure proper delivery.  We ship primarily via FedEx, UPS or USPS. For heavier items a freight carrier may be used. Delivery will not typically state that a customer receipt signature is required.  But to insure product is received in good condition, the customer must be present to accept delivery. For larger items curbside delivery will typically be provided and the customer will need to arrange transport from the street.  Any damage incurred in the shipping process will be the responsibility of the shipping company.  However, the customer must inspect products upon delivery and refuse any shipment that has damage (visible or concealed).  Do not sign or initial shipping documents if product is damaged.


The cost of insurance will be added in the shipping costs to the customer, but packing and handling charges are included in the base price.  When your item is shipped, we will notify you with an estimated date of delivery. Any special shipping or handling needs should be noted when the order is placed and before shipping.   As noted above, the customer is responsible for detecting any damages upon delivery, rejecting the delivery and reporting said damages to the shipper and Freestone Millworks, LLC™.  In the event a product is damaged in shipping and insurance has covered the damages, FSMW will repair the original item or replace the item with the same or similar item, as feasible.  Otherwise, Freestone Millworks, LLC™ will provide a substitute item.


Information contained on this website and in Freestone Millworks, LLC brochures, sales literature, social media, presentations and other communications is believed to be reliable. However, Freestone Millworks, LLC cannot guarantee the accuracy or completeness of any information published herein or elsewhere and shall NOT be responsible for any errors, omissions or damages arising from the use of this information or from the use of actual Freestone Millworks, LLC products.  Freestone Millworks, LLC and it's employees offer this information as a guide but is not offering engineering or other professional services.   Contractors, purchasers and other affected parties should conduct adequate testing and trials as well as seek the assistance of professionals to determine suitability for any application or design. Under no circumstances are any Freestone Millworks, LLC products allowed to be used in load bearing applications nor other critical structural designs or uses.

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