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Freestone ceramic aggregate in speckled light brown
-Add to basic mortar mixes at levels of 50% for maximum strength
-Add on exposed concrete surfaces at a depth/thickness of 1/8 to 1/2 inch as a protective layer and for aesthetic appeal.
Finished surfaces can be
-used "as cast" or with light buffing to provide a traditional smooth cement paste surface
-brushed, powered washed or sand blasted to a rough/textured finish
-lightly ground to a partially smoothed/lustrous surface
-pasted/troweled with a secondary coating to provide a smooth surface for further finishing (with or without prewashing or brushing)
-fully ground to a highly polished mirror finish that duplicates polished granite

Tan Ceramic Reinforcing Aggregate

  • Freestone Millworks™ manufactures products from a unique patented material that offers unprecedented benefits and high value for a variety of items used in numerous applications.  Freestone product properties derive from the use of commonly available, cost efficient materials of high quality and proven durability.  The formulations, processing and finishing can be varied to meet most any application requirement, design goal or aesthetic.  Freestone Millworks™ can also provide customized designs as specified by the customer.


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