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Freestone Millworks Granite/Stone Surface Finishing/Repair Materials


Give your concrete patio, sidewalk, driveway, walls or any other concrete slab, brick or block structure a new look.  Use Freestone's pre-blended mixes of Freestone decorative ceramic aggregates, sand and colored fillers/pigments to overcoat or recoat any horizontal or vertical suface.  Create an old world, classical or modern look in a robust, solid material with unmistakable quality, endurance and beauty.  Provides a look and feel that is superior to poured concrete, fire clay brick, concrete pavers, cinder blocks, wood, tiles, patio stones or other materials.


Available in 4 basic color blends:

- white/gray/black granite

- white/gray/off-white marble

- beige/tan/light brown

- mediium/dark brown/black


Can be applied to most any standard concrete surface:

- wet, fresh poured concrete slabs

- thin set mortar overcoatings/surface repair coatings

- vertical slabs and block walls

- pavers/bricks/tiles/stone


Simply spread the pre-blended Freestone mix onto a wet/uncured concrete (or polymer epoxy/polyester) surface and roll/tamp surface to smooth and level.  Ready for use when binder matrix cures.


Also available in a wide range of customized base/accent colors, styles (marble/travertine/sand stone) and exterior finishes (glossy, textured, etc.) to match your needs.  Also, the Freestone mix can be used for interior steps, floors, garages, countertops, shower/tub bases or enclosures, etc. wherever repairs or a new look are desired.


Economical:  Only requires 1/8 to 1/4 inch of standard commercially available repair/grout mix for the base coating onto which the Freestone ceramic aggregate mixture is applied.  Coverage levels of 1/10 to 1 lb of the Freestone mixture can give highly aesthetic results.


Free shipping in US for limited time/quantities.  Larger quantities (50 lb boxes) available at discounts up to 40%. 


Concrete Surface Coating/Repair Materials

  • Freestone Millworks™ manufactures products from a unique patented material that offers unprecedented benefits and high value for a variety of items used in numerous applications.  Freestone product properties derive from the use of commonly available, cost efficient materials of high quality and proven durability.  The formulations, processing and finishing can be varied to meet most any application requirement, design goal or aesthetic.  Freestone Millworks™ can also provide customized designs as specified by the customer.

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