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Freestone Millworks Granite Beverage Container

[Some of these mugs have been used as centerpieces or vases for fresh cut or dried flowers.]


Complement your dishware collection by adding a set of these custom composite granite drinking containers.  Gives your kitchen/party/barbeque food service setting an old world/classical/modern look in a robust, solid material that is an unmistakable sign of quality, endurance and beauty.  Provides a look and feel that is superior to ceramics, china, glass, metal or other materials.


Also, available (at added costs) with engraved lettering, etched symbols or other decorative accents.  Buy one or two for your own personal use at gatherings or parties, where it will not be confused with someone else's red plastic cup. (Who else would be drinking out of a hollowed out block of carved granite?)


Height: 8.5 inches

Overall diameter: 3.25 inches

Weight: 3 lb each

Volume:  approx. 1 liter (~32 fl. oz.)


Available in a wide range of standard base and accent colors, styles (marble/stone) and exterior finishes (glossy, textured, etc.).  Interior is smooth, plain finish with a food safe sealer.


Ergonomic grip helps avoid drops and spills.  Comes with a rubber base pad on bottom to protect wood, glass or stone surfaces from scratches.

Drinking Mug or Vase (Stein/Cup/Glass/Tumbler)

$50.00 Regular Price
$35.00Sale Price
  • Freestone Millworks™ manufactures products from a unique patented material that offers unprecedented benefits and high value for a variety of items used in numerous applications.  Freestone product properties derive from the use of commonly available, cost efficient materials of high quality and proven durability.  The formulations, processing and finishing can be varied to meet most any application requirement, design goal or aesthetic.  Freestone Millworks™ can also provide customized designs as specified by the customer.

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