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Freestone Millworks Granite Table/Countertop Legs


Complement your dining room, kitchen, hallway or other table top or countertop by adding a set of these custom composite granite table legs.  Gives your furniture an old world/classical/modern look in a robust, solid material that is an unmistakable sign of quality, endurance and beauty.  Works well with tables or countertops made of wood, marble, granite, stone, concrete, glass, metal or other materials.


Length: 29 inches

Overall width/diameter: 3.5 inches

Weight: 14.5 lb each


Available in a wide range of standard base and accent colors.


Also offered in various styles (marble/stone/porous travertine effects) and finishes (glossy, textured, etc.) or customized styles/designs.


Includes an embedded 1 inch oak dowel for attaching a top mounting plate or bolt.  Comes with a rubber foot pad on bottom.

Table/Counter Top Legs

$95.00 Regular Price
$66.50Sale Price
  • Freestone Millworks™ manufactures products from a unique patented material that offers unprecedented benefits and high value for a variety of items used in numerous applications.  Freestone product properties derive from the use of commonly available, cost efficient materials of high quality and proven durability.  The formulations, processing and finishing can be varied to meet most any application requirement, design goal or aesthetic.  Freestone Millworks™ can also provide customized designs as specified by the customer.

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